Making new connections

One thing I love with a good workout is that it doesn´t leave you when you quit. Tiny muscles appear where you least expect them to be and they also have the courtesy to keep you company for at least a couple of days. You don´t need to suffer alone.

So tired but we still didn´t run a marathon or spent the day in a gym lifting heavy weights.

The main part of the day Erwan Le Corre broke down natural movements like walking, balancing, jumping, climbing, moving on all fours. How hard could it be? Children do this all the time. And this may be part of the problem. Because the modern humans stops doing just that when they grow up. I just realized one thing. Instead of teaching my children to move properly they should teach me how to move naturally ;-)

Have faith there are ways to deal with the problem and that is to start using your body the way it´s intended to, and believe me, the human body is a miraculous device. It´s never too late to try, and it will change your life forever. Thanks to Erwan I just started to realize that.

Now it´s time for bed and a good night´s sleep. Tomorrow it´s a hearty hotel breakfast and a full day of MovNat training.